Sunday, 9 December 2012

Embossed Sympathy

This is a really simple, but effective sympathy card. I used a Sizzix embossing folder and added a stamped sentiment along with Card Candi and colour matched twine. I entered this card into a competition but I did not win anything, I am really happy with the design of this card though.

Womb with a veiw

I used an image from the Going Places Cricut cartridge for this card. It is a card that I had wanted to try out for quite a while and I am really chuffed with how it turned out!! It may not be to everyone's taste but I think that it is a really fun card. I love the colours too!

Say Cheese!

I have wanted to make a camera card for ages so I made this little one using red and turquoise colours. I did not know if the colours would match very well but I was surprised and pleased by the outcome, I hope that you like it too!

Monsters Inc

This is the card that I made for my sister for her birthday and she loved it!! Monsters Inc. is one of her favourite films and I used the sentiment "We scare because we care". I don't think that I got the colours exactly right but they are near enough. I was pleased with the outcome.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Let's do coffee!!

I used the From My Kitchen Cricut cartridge for this card and it was a fun one to make. I love the soft colours of this card mixed in with the back. It is a simple card but quite effective.

Thanks for the car!!

This card is a thank you card for my parents in law to say thank you for selling me their car. They sold it to us for an amazing price and having a car has enabled me travel to my home town to visit friends and family much more than I had previously been able to. I used the Going Places Cricut cartridge and for the back ground I used the Cuttlebug Thank You folder. I added the green Card Candi to finish it off.

Big Top

This is a card for a one year old who was having a big top themed birthday. I used the Cricut Carousel cartridge along with the Cuttlebug star embossing folder. I wanted to keep it simple and just use 2 colours; red and white. I used red mirror board and red ink in the XDR when printing out the sentiment. I added a few red Card Candi and red and white twine to finish it off.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I made this wedding card for my sisters friend. My sister asked for a modern wedding card and this is what I came up with. I was unsure about the colours but I think that it turned out really well. I used the Going Places & the Stamped cartridges.

Sick as a parrot

This is a get well soon card that I made using the Pet Shop Cricut cartridge.I added some Card Candi for some extra colour. Hope you like it!!


I made this card for my dads girlfriend. I used the Art Deco Cricut cartridge and I added lots of sparkly gems onto the peacocks tail. I had a lot of fun making this one off card and the recipient absolutely loved the card when I gave it to her. The sentiment says; Wishing you a beautiful birthday.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

In't Milk Brilliant?!?!?!

For this card I used the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge. I am mega chuffed with the outcome of it too!!! I love the colours that I have used, I think that they work really well together. I added a bit of ribbon and some Card Candi to jazz it up a bit too. I also got to use my new XDR PC Link for the sentiment which I think looks great in red ink! The sentiment is from a milk advert that ran in the UK back in the 90's and it always used to make me smile. I really enjoyed making this card. I have wanted to make it for ages but I never had a reason to, but I though "Stuff it!" I will make the card just for the hell of it! I am really chuffed with the outcome:-)

You Quack Me Up

I used the Wildlife Cricut cartridge to make this card. I have lots of green card to use up so I thought that I would give this design a go. I added some silver foil to the card to add a little sparkle (it should of been green foil but I made a happy mistake). I also got to use my new Xyron Design Runner PC Link on this card too! I made the font design on the computer the night before, I tried a couple of different fonts but this one looked the best. I also used the green XDR ink as well which I think worked very well and I am really pleased with the end result. And to finish it off I added a few green Card Candi's. I hope that you like it too!!

Feeling Ruff?

I used the Cricut Pet Shop cart for this Get Well Soon Card. I was desperate to get my hands on this cart as soon as I saw it and I am not disappointed with it. This was a very fun card to make! I used some Xmas snowflake paper for the background and also used some different grey (not 50 shades of grey) Card Candi. I, personally, would love to receive this as a get well soon card.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Xyron Design Runner PC Link ( XDR PC Link )

**********************************************************Hello again, I am updating this blog now to advise you that Alex has told me today that he is completely out of stock of the PC Link units now. In his words; "For your information, we are now completely out of stock of the XDR PC Link. Instead we are focusing on getting the new and much better product released featuring full color among other things. More info soon." If I hear any other news I will let you know. Sorry for the bad news!! Regards Fiona ********************************************************* Hi Guys, I have been after a Xyron Design Runner PC Link (XDR PC Link) for quite a while now, but the web site for Print Dreams has not been working for quite some time now and it has not been possible to purchase one. A couple of months ago I was searching the internet and I came across a crafting community message board with someone's email address on which said that she had managed to get a hold of one. So I sent her an email with the hope that I would be able to contact someone that could help me make a purchase. After a few messages I was given a direct email address for someone who works for the company Print Dreams; his name is Alex Brenton, and after a month of emails I have finally received my PC Link and I have managed to have a play with it tonight. I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait and I can not wait to start crafting with it!! I can now use any font that is on my computer, in a variety of sizes, and I can write out whatever message that I require and then print it with my Design runner!!! It was money well spent and it was well worth hunting the internet to find a Print Dreams contact. It was a bit pricey but it was shipped form Sweden and I asked for an extra disc to come with it. The total cost came to £90 (that was for an extra blank disc as well) with shipping but I can honestly say that it was worth every penny. I always use my Design Runner in every project that I make but I felt really limited with the font discs that were available. I have almost every available font and picture disc that are available from Xyron but it does not look like any more will ever be released, which is a real shame. Getting the XDR PC Link will really open up my crafting ability and it will save me money in the long run on sentiment stamps. I am mega chuffed with my new purchase and I thought that I would write a blog post that might help someone else with getting hold of one. Alex's email address is: I am not sure if he owns the company and it is only him that sends things out, but I had to wait until he was back from a trip to India until my PC Link was shipped to me. I had to send the payment through the HSBC bank. He was really helpful and he kept me informed throughout the whole process. He ended up being delayed in India by a week and as my shipment was delayed he sent me an extra blank disc as a thank you for my patients. I had already paid for an extra blank disc (it was an extra £10). Hopefully this blog post will help if anyone else wants to purchase one of these wonderful, clever little devices! Contact Alex Brenton at; Please let me know if this has been any help at all to anyone:-)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I'm Batman

This is the front and the back of my husbands birthday card. It was a really fun project and hubby loved the finished item.

Why So Serious?

This is the inside of my husbands birthday card. I used the Cricut Batman cartridge along with purple, black white, green and mirrored green card. I am really chuffed with the outcome. Hubby is a huge Batman fan and this card went down a treat!!

Na Na Na Na Na

I made these hanging decorations for the dinning table. When put together with the Bat Banner they say; Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!! It was a fun idea for my husbands birthday and he loved them.

Bat Banner

I made this Bat Banner to put up in the living room for my husbands birthday. I put it up while he was at work and when he came home and saw it he loved it!!


This is the inside of my dads Fathers Day card. I love how this card has turned out and it was mega fun to make!

Na Na Na Na

This is the front and the back of the Batman card that I have made for my dad for Fathers Day. It has turned out so much better than I ever hope for! I have had lots of fun with this cartridge over the past few weeks.

Bat Symbol

This is the back of each card. The skyline is from the Cricut Plantin Schoolbook cartridge and the Bat symbol is from the Cricut Batman cartridge.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wooo Hooo

I made this card for my older sister to say congratulations for getting a new job! She loved it!! I even used my Cuttlebug and ribbon for this card, they are two things that I usually forget that I have when making cards:-)

Pig Out!!

When I first saw the Pet Shop Cricut cartridge I knew that I had to get it! I love animals and there are loads of different ones on this cart. It took me 4 months to get hold of the cart here in the UK but it was well worth it just for this image!! I made this card for a very good friend for her birthday and it was loads of fun making it!!!! I used some Wizard of Oz paper (the Scarecrow/straw paper) for the back ground and I think that it worked really well!! Hope you like it too:-)

Lovin' the Cock Banner

This is a rude one, I know, but my sister wanted a Cock Banner for a friends hen party. I tried making willies out of different images on my Gypsy but they all looked a bit silly and crude. I ended up making this bright pink and blue banner with the words Lovin' the Cock and it went down a treat! It was just a bit of a laugh and a good fun bit of crafting was had!!! I hope that it does not offend anyone, but if it does; tough!!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hello Kitty

I love this Cricut cartridge!! And so does my sister and my niece!! This is a little card that I made for a friend and it went down a treat!!! For a little girl you can not go wrong with a Hello Kitty card!!!!

G Thanks

This was a thank you card for an Uncle. I used the 3 Birds on Parade Cricut cartridge and it was really fun to make. I even used a stamp!! I hardly ever do stamping but I have a little collection now and I have been using them when I can (and when I remember that I have them).

You Da Bomb

This card was made to thank my dad for helping me out. It was a really fun card and I used my Cuttlebug and my Cricut for this creation. I love the bright colours:-) I really like the Indie Art cartridge that I used for this, but I don't get to use it enough.

Bee Happy

I wanted a cute, quick card to send to my sister and I came up with this! I loved making it and I think that it looks mega cute!!! I have made some smaller ones as well to keep in my stock box as well.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Banner

This picture is not very good, sorry. It is of an Easter Banner made with the AP Cricut and the 3 Birds on Parade cartridges.

Bunny Tree

These are bunnies, cut from the Give A Hoot Cricut cartridge, that I have hung from a wire tree. It was originally a Christmas decoration that I bought but I use it all year round for different occasions. I added Craft Candi for the bunny tails:-) I also used a Peachy Keen stamp for the bunny faces:-)

Easter Chick

I made this cute card using the Simply Charmed Cricut cartridge and I think that it turned out mega cute!! I made it for my dog walker and she really loved it:-)

Easter Basket

My mum asked me to make her some Easter cards so I made a few of these for her. The image is from the Cricut Lite cartridge Celebrate with a Flourish. My mum loved the cards!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Crappy Day

The toilet image is from the Chore Chart Cricut cartridge that I got free with some reward points that I had saved. I was not too sure how I would use this cartridge but I am pretty chuffed with my first creation using this cartridge:-)

Monday, 13 February 2012

You Are My World

This is the card that I have made for my husband to tell him how much I love him:-) We don't really "do" Valentines day, we do not need a certain day of the year to tell each other that we are in love. I made him the card using the Give a Hoot Cricut Cart. I gave the card to him last week and he loved it:-) I got him a DVD too. It was a thank you for getting some gig tickets for me and my sister. Hubby's favourite colour is yellow so I had to use it in the card, along with some ribbon and bling. I added the sentiment using the Xyron Design Runner and then also used some Lemon Divine Twine to finish the card off. I was chuffed with the results and he loved his card!!!

Smooches xxx

This is a really cute cut from the Cricut Give A Hoot cart, I thought that it was perfect for this time of year!! I used some gingham card for the background and some nice green ribbon as well. I added the Card Candi to finish the card off nicely. This was a really cute card to make and I love the rodents kissing:-))))xxx

Love Bug

I made these cards for my Dog Walkers from my dog, Welly. I used my new Simply Charmed Cricut cart along with a the hearts Cuttlebug folder and some Card Cand. These we fun, cute cards to make and my Welly Walkers loved them (and the chocolate I gave them:-)xxx

Out of this World

I really enjoyed making this card for a friends husband. Using the Cricut Mini Monsters cart and some manly red and black paper I think that it turned out quite well. I added the googley eyes and used my Xyron Design Runner for the sentiment. I added some Craft Candi and I used a Peachy Keen Cornies stamp for the monsters mouth and coloured the goody teeth in with a white pen.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hannah Name Plaque

I have made this name plaque for my sister to hand on the door of her newly decorated bed room. I used the colours that she has chosen for her room; blue, cream and gold. I also used the CTMH Art Phillosphy cartridge and I have also made the 3D flowers for the first time and for a first effort; I think that they have come out quite nicely. I might be trying it again at some point:-) The lettering was off the Plantin SchoolBook cart and I have added some stick on gold pearls.

Dragonfly Heart

I bought the heart from a garden centre over Xmas and decorated it with flowers and dragonflies for my younger sisters newly decorated bedroom. I used the Pagoda Cricut cart along with gold mirror board and pale blue paper as well as pages from an old book. I added some Tim Holtz Old Paper distress ink to age the paper and make it look less bright. Luckily she really liked it when I gave it to her:-)

Evil Plant Pots

I made this card for my older sister. She fell over on New Years Day and broke her nose on a plant pot:-( She cut her face and nose really badly. The card made her laugh and luckily she loved the card:-)
I used a couple of Peachy Keen Monster faces to make the pots look really mean and the back ground is made from a Halloween Cuttlebug folder with a skull and bones on it.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Pink Cat

I really like the simplicity of this card, I used Hunkydory shaped card stock and I used a cut from the Paisley Cricut cartridge for the cut. I added some gems for the carts collar and I added some ribbon, Crad Candi and to finish the card off I added some pink Divine Twine and some grey.

50th Birthday

This card was made for my bosses 50th birthday, he loves American Football so I thought that the helmet would be quite fitting.
I used the Sports Mania Cricut cartridge along with the grid embossing folder with some mirror card as well as some Paper Celler paper and some Card Candi.
Hopefully my boss will like it!


My husband asked me to make this card for a work colleague who loves Sonic The Hedgehog. I did it the best that I could, I know that it is not exactly the same as the gaming character but I think that it tyrned out ok.
I used the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge for the hedgehog. Hope that you like it!!

Fishy Meal

This card was made as a gift card for my dad's Xmas present. We bought him a voucher for his favourite restaurant but it was just printed on a white piece of paper so I thought that I would make a nice card for it to go into.
The only meat that my dad eats is fish so I thought that I would put a fish on the front of the card. I added the googley eye because I thought that it looked good. I also put the fish through the Cuttlebug to give it some more dimension, I added the knife and fork in mirror card along with some gingham card for the table cloth. I thought that the ribbon just finished the card off nicely.

Let's Ketchup!

I made this card for a friend that we often meet whilst walking our dog. She always worries that she keeps us talking too long so I thought that I would make her a card to say that it is always nice to catch up with her.
I used the From My Kitchen Cricut cartridge along with my Xyron Design runner. I also added some pretty ribbon and some Card Candi along with some nice bright paper.
She loved the card!!